1. What is Cinego headset weight?

    Cinego headset weights only 200g. Thanks to the lightweight design, Cinego offers easy
    viewing capabilities, providing amazing comfort and relaxing to users.

  2. What is the field of Cinego view?
    Cinego turns your personal cinema into a razor—sharp 800—inch giant screen, which makes you feel like seated in the middle of an IMAX cinema. Whether viewing or gaming, Cinego offers you an impressive visual impact.
  3. Which applications can Cinego use?

    Cinego offers users unlimited sources of
    entertainments and contents via Apps,
    laptops, gaming consoles (PS4 & Xbox),
    thumb drives, etc.

  4. Can Cinego support Bluetooth headphones?
    Yes. Cinego support Bluetooth headphones.
  5. What about codec Cinego support?

    14.264 BP/MP/HP, VP8, MPEGI /2, MPEG4
    SP/ASPGMC, 1-4.263 including Sorenson Spark,
    WMV9/VC-1 , JPEG/MJPEG, etc.

  6. Does Cinego support HMVOD?
    Yes. You can download HMVOD to the controller free of charge from Google Play.
  7. Can Cinego use Kodi with this system? Where can download Kodi?

    Yes, you can use Kodi.
    Please  download Kodi anythere as you want .

  8. Do I need to wear glasses for the myopia?

    No need to wear any myopia, as GOOVIS headset support vision adjustment.