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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Could I hook this up to my PC and use as a monitor?

    Yes, you are right, when connect with PC , it is a moniter , please see this link : 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctUoVpSWZIU Mac computer 

  2. What is Cinego headset weight?

    Cinego headset weights only 200g. Thanks to the lightweight design, Cinego offers easy
    viewing capabilities, providing amazing comfort and relaxing to users.

  3. What is the resolution?
    GOOVIS PRO /G2 uses dual 2K (1 920*1080) OLED micro displays, providing image quality as good as 4K display. For most 4K devices, the filling factor (ratio of active imaging area to the whole pixel area) of each image pixel is less than 60%. For Cinego, the filling factor is as large as 90%.
  4. What is the field of Cinego view?
    Cinego turns your personal cinema into a razor—sharp 800—inch giant screen, which makes you feel like seated in the middle of an IMAX cinema. Whether viewing or gaming, Cinego offers you an impressive visual impact.
  5. Do I need to wear glasses for the myopia?

    No. No need any glasses for the myopia. GOOVIS can support far—sighted to +3D or near—sighted to —8D, you can take off your glasses to enjoy super clear images and immerse yourself into your private virtual world.

  6. If wearing a long time feel dizzy or not?
    No dizzy feeling at all. Thanks to the lightweight design, two AMOLED screens, less blue light, a distance of 66 feet (20 meters), relieving fatigue, Cinego can protect your eyes and help your eyes to relax.
  7. Can we order astigmatic lenses?

    Yes. Please check your astigmatic degree, send
    it to liwj@nedoptics.com.cn, and then we
    can make your own astigmatic lenses.

  8. Which applications can Cinego use?

    Cinego offers users unlimited sources of
    entertainments and contents via Apps,
    laptops, gaming consoles (PS4 & Xbox),
    thumb drives, etc.

Lastest Questions

  1. Can Cinego/PRO work with DJI products?
    Yes. Cinego/PRO can support DJI Phantom Four Pro Plus, DJI Inspire Two & other DJI Higher configuration series through HDMI cable connection.
  2. Does CINEGO/PRO work with Apple products?

    Yes. You need to prepare an adapter (e.g. Lighting
    Digital AV Adapter) that can transfer the video
    output port of your MacBook Pro into the HDMI
    port, connect the adapter to the HDMI socket of
    the GOOVIS HDMI adapter, and then connect the
    GOOVIS HDMI adapter to the GOOVIS headset,
    with ... Read more

  3. Can Cinego support Bluetooth headphones?
    Yes. Cinego support Bluetooth headphones.
  4. Can i have customized astigmatism lenses for the pro versions? if i can, how can i order them?
    Please contact us and send your eye information to our email ,we can make your own astigmatism lenses for you .